COVID-19 Questionnaire

In these changing times many businesses are in the process of re-opening. Our COVID-19 Questionnaire App is ideal for situations where you have students / visitors to your premises and need to adhere to guidelines in relation to COVID 19. The app can be tweaked to meet your requirements

✅ Works on iOS and Android phones and tablets. The app can be adjusted to meet your requirements – such as add an extra question or field.

✅ Data can be collected even if the device is offline and synced the next time the device connects to the internet

✅ Updates or changes are sent to all devices simultaneously allowing your end users to have the most up to date version automatically

✅ Results are instantly processed by our servers and can be sent in various formats such as PDF, Excel or Word to the people in your organisation who need the information

✅ Full screen signature capture built in should you require a person to sign

✅ Conditional logic built in so certain fields only display based on inputs from other fields. For example a warning can be given to the user if a person answers NO to a question

✅ Temperature field option can be set to warn the user if a persons temperature is above a set figure

✅ File names can be generated from field inputs making it easier to store and search results

✅ Results can be stored and archived electronically

Please watch the video and view the result that would be produced in a live enviornment.


Our Design & Development Process

Strategy & Roadmap

We work closely with your team to ensure we understand your requirements and expectations.


We build a working model and involve you as we build the features and layout you require.


The testing process usually involves a full working model of your solution. During this phase you use the solution as if it was live to decide how it best works for you.


Only when you are happy that the goal of your project has been acheived do we go live.