Bespoke App Design

Below is an overview of the core features that can be built into your app. Each component can be customised to suit your project requirements.

Each individual app is custom designed 

Using the components outlined below each app is configured according to the needs and requirerments of the individual project.

App Components Overview

Each component can be customised and can interact with other components in such a way that makes the experience for the end user intuitive and easy to use.

Text Input

This component allows you to add one or multiple lines of text.

Drop Down

Allows you to select one option from a list.

Single Answer

As the name suggests, just select one option for an answer.

Multiple Answers

You guessed it. This component is used when there is more than one answer.

Notes & Images

Take a photo or upload one you have stored in your phone.


Allows you to record audio and play it back.


Opens up a drawing box and allows you to take an inkless signature right into your smartphone.


The “Capture GPS” button stores your selected GPS Coordinates, or you can select your location via the map option.

Date & Time

Select a particular time or just insert the current time as an alternative.


The number component can be set to straight input, slider or set to a predefined range.

QR & Barcode Scanner

The scanner will allow you to read & store QR & Barcodes. The Android app uses external code scanners which may need to be downloaded.


The note component just acts as a prompt for the end user, which is used to help instruct when gathering data.

Transmit the data instantly

Once the information is collected it is processed by our servers and sent to the people in your organisation that require it most in a format that you specify such as PDF, Word, Excel, CSV etc.

Analyse Your Data

Using our backend you can view and interrogate your data over time and export reports, view graphs etc.

This allows you to monitor how the app is working and request changes that are then pushed out to all your end users simultaneously.